Save Vaping in America

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Product Overview

By Purchasing a bottle of Save Vaping in America you are showing your support for our industry, an industry that has saved and changed millions of lives in our country. There are 70 flavor options to choose from. Each bottle purchased will add $2.00 to the funding of all Vape related projects  such as paying legal fee's , hiring lobbiest, supporting industry organizations efforts to save Vapor etc. $2.00 more will go towards billboards , signage , literature or anything that the American Vaping Association needs to get thier point across , to educate, and to help Vapers across the country show up to important events to save the industry! All of which are set up by AVA, CASAA and SFATA. Remaining dollars will be used to continue to manufacture this eliquid in order to keep the funding strong to SAVE VAPING IN AMERICA !

Supporting YOU the VAPER in the Vaping industry while filling your tanks will be extremely rewarding! You can feel confident that each purchase is one step closer to winning an extremely tough battle! All Eliquid is Manufactured in a Certified ISO6 Cleanroom lab Facility, We carry full Manufacturers insurance and all ingredients are sourced in the USA.  Shops can carry this line at an extremely affordable price to further support the cause if you want to be a part of the solution create a wholsale account and we will get you set up quickly!

Please Take Notice to the Warning portion of these Labels , This is what all warnings will be required to say, even on batteries and box mods if we do not work together to come up with a better solution for our Government to Properly and Fairly Regulate our Industry. PS Thats if we get the "Cole" bill (HR2058) to Pass ! If not this could be the last legal bottle of eliquid you ever purchase. in Less then 20 months Vaping could be History are you ok with that? We Can Save Vaping In America Together! So Pass it on!

We only ask that you purchase the smallest bottle but the bigger the bottle bought the bigger the funding to save vapor !

VG/PG 87/13 (if you would like a custom blend type it in the description box.)


(5 reviews) Write a Review

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    Posted by Donna H on Sep 12th 2016

    This is my second 30 ml bottle ,I got Strawberry Peach Pops this time :) Vapes very nice and flavor is very delish ,nice clear juice !
    I'm very picky on juices and I have to say I really love the 2 flavors I have gotten so far ,can't wait to try other fruit flavors ,
    Also I really like that its a way to help with our fight to save Vaping ,this is such a great way to ! As Im vaping this juice ,I feel good that Im also helping !!

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    Amazing Flava

    Posted by Myke on Sep 6th 2016

    I bought two bottles as this program launched, I was not disappointed. The flavors are always amazing. What's more amazing is the donations being made. Not only are the juices premium, let me stress PREMIUM juice discounted, but then the monies raised are going to help the community. Save The Vape is an awesome campaign , from an awesome lady. We need more in the community willing to give back. If everyone followed this example, we would be in a better position to fight back. Everyone should buy a bottle or four, that would be still cheaper than premium cost. The Juice Is Worth The Squeeze Here, Get Some For The Cause!!!!!!

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    Posted by Donna Heidger on Sep 1st 2016

    I git the Kiwi Strawberry ,just dripped me some and yummy good ,great flavor ,cotton didn't gunk up or turn yellow !! Nice clear juice ,Vapes great !!
    Will be ordering more and want to keep helping to save Vaping

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    Posted by Donna Heidger on Sep 1st 2016

    I ordered Strawberry/Kiwi flavor on the (Save Vaping In America) just the one bottle cause it was all I had enough for at the time but wanted to help with the cause

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    I have yet to be disappointed

    Posted by Mike Gilbert on May 22nd 2016

    I ordered the strawberry ice cream cake and it was phenomenal . Not only was the juice good , but the bottles themselves serve a purpose. Every bottle , money is donated to help with advocacy groups and projects. That's huge to me, I support companies that support our vaping rights. Keep it up ! I'll be ordering more