Meet Maja Flava !


Maja Flava Premium Eliquids is simply the product we create , But who and what is behind all those amazing bottles of Premium Eliquids? We started out small with a vision and crossed fingers, hoping we could touch the lives of exisiting smokers and help them evolv into Vapers by choosing the safer alternative of Vaping Eliquids.

In December of 2013 we renovated a tiny little Salon and nestled into our small den to prepare for our small grand opening. We put the word out that we wanted to give it a trial run and the town showed up for weeks on end giving us practice for our Big Day (April 24th 2014) to open the doors to the adult public. We never expected the turn out of 150 people on our first day! Within 2 months it became very clear that we were not goingto fit inside our little den for long and that we would need to seek an alternate location. 

In October 2014 we moved into our fresh new 1800 square foot location we added a self Serve Dripper Bar (Dripper Dream Bar) for our Loyal Clients and had a Juice Tender Bar created for those that wanted to be guided. In November we released our first eliquid line "Toucan Crazy!" Where the ever so Loved "Death By Toucan" Earned it's stripes in the industry. We came up with a great idea to throw a Vape Bash on Black Friday and have Basket Deals That were so unbeatable that we had lines out the door and around the corner!

From That very First Vape Bash we new we needed to give our Vape community a place to go that they could call thier safe haven for Vapers. We held a few more great events at that location and decided to expand yet again. This expansion included adding a seprate lounge from the retail section as well as building a Certified ISO6 Cleanroom Lab Facility to manufacture our premium eliquids in.

We wanted our clients to be able to watch the Magic happen. Now we not only serve up amaizng Eliquids in our lab for our regular clients, but we offer private labeling to several Vape shops along the East coast and they are able to have their own premium eliquid lines created in our Lab. The purpose was to offer the best we would to our clients, but why stop with just ours ? Should'nt all Vapers have the opportunity to purchase eliquids manufactured in a clean environment ! And so the Move to the "Bank" on the corner of Scott St. and Pavillion Ave became a reality in November of 2015 !

We wanted to suprise everyone with the new location so we kept it a secret and opened our doors on Black Friday at our 2nd annual Vape Bash! We told a little fib as to why the shop was looking pretty empty as we moved our items out and down the street! We told everyone we were simply renovating over the holiday, and that we were renting the large building down the street for the party so that everyone could fit inside ! They never imagined that we were actually moving the entire store down to the "Bank" !

Our Vape Bash was a huge success ! We packed the house 200 deep in our new 5000sq ft facility, and I hopped on stage to announce that everyomne in the building was now standing inside the Brand New Maja Flava Vape Den! If only you could see thier faces from where i stood !

This past 3 years has been a wild ride for all of us, we are all so greatful for the Love and Support from our Vape community! And if we EVER , EVER ,EVER have to move again to fit everyone inside one building  its going to have to be a stadium!

We Love all of you Dearly , Vape on and Vote , Be a part of the solution , show your pride and walk with your head held high , for all of you are the very reason We continue to move forward and strive to give you the Best We Have To Offer!

xoxox, Yours Truely

Maria E Pavoni AKA Mimi 

Maja-Flava Vape Den

2 East Scott St.

Riverside NJ 08075