Banned State Flavor Options

Banned State Flavor Options

NJ, Mass, NY and many other states have banned the sale or purchase of flavored eliquid. We have an excellent solution! Botnicals 

Herbal Supplements are Vapeable and equally as safe as nicotine. The best part is there is no Need for a PMTA you do not have to pay high tobacco taxes and the ingredients are Identical to Eliquid accept instead of Vaping nicotine an addictive stimulant you get to Vape Botanika !


VG, PG. Flavoring, Yerba Mate, Green Tea, Burdock Root, Passion Flower !

Our only suggestion is to make sure your not allergic to any of these herbal supplements.

Botankia Provides relief from normal nicotine reduction symptoms and is designed to help you move away from Tobacco Products. 

Use with your Personal Vapor Device, Room Diffuser , Ultrasonic diffuser , aroma devices and so much more!

Freedom to Vape Once again reimagined !

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